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Building Social Authority

With advancements in technology, social media enables immediate conversations with existing customers and leads. It is essential for you (and your business) to be where your audience regularly spends their time- similar to if you were opening a storefront. Social media enables us to connect and share stories. This also helps increase your social authority across the web. It is important to keep content relevant to the audience and in line with your industry standards.

Depending on your industry, not all digital accounts will be necessary:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
Customers often share experiences of a service or product and can be your best FREE sales staff. If a customer is impressed with your product or service experience, they are more likely to share a positive review online. The main differences are that on social, you are talking through keyboards and your potential audience is much larger; think of it as international word of mouth.

Social Media Marketing

We also offer a package to manage retargeting displays ads on social networks to users who have visited your site without converting. In our experience, the most popular with our current clients are Facebook and YouTube. 

As with many facets of business, we suggest starting with a plan and keeping all involved to stay on track to meet goals. If you start down a path on social media and don't receive the ROI in the timeframe planned for, we can change things around - just as you would change networking and conversational approaches in sales pitches.

The individual costs vary depending on the industry of your business, the size of your audience and the quality of your ads.

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