Online Reputation Management

Your online presence is communicated and visible around the world. Social media and online reviews make it easy for your customers to call out your products, services and staff to an international audience and have the power to shift a prospective lead. 

Bolt Marketing services help project the best and most accurate identity for your business online using:

  • Online reputation repair,
  • Brand building online,
  • Requested audit reporting,
  • Monitoring and ongoing online reputation manager.
You can engage our team of online specialists to create a package to manage and capture who is talking about your business online and what they are saying using a selection of the following services:
  • Monitoring online reviews,
  • Diagnose content controls,
  • Identify ranking in search engines,
  • Classify and evaluate challenges,
  • Develop and integrate strategies,
  • Track and report repercussions,
  • Social media traction and analysis,
  • Develop and promote new positive content,
  • Reduce unwanted content and the associated search suggestions,
  • Push negative listings off Google's first SERP,
  • Reporting and removing damaging content

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