Growing Your Retail Business Online

Bolt Marketing has helped many retail businesses grow by increasing brand awareness and generating more leads.

We offer clients customised digital solutions to expand marketing business for retail companies, such as jewellery, sports gear, fashion, children's games and toys.

There is a variety of specialised website tools we offer and online services for marketing your retail business, such as:

Retail Website Examples:

  • Database Marketing - manage unlimited contacts, statistic reports, sales graphs and Calendar for promotions and events
  • Improve branding and make your website memorable using an attention grabbing header with uniquely designed images and a range of transition options.

  • Promotional display tools such as Photo Gallery and Video Embedding or integrate your company's social media to update automatically and show examples of your products and services.

  • Testimonials offer peace of mind to potential customers and encourage sales and inquiries

  • Email and SMS Marketing is a popular way for businesses to schedule communication with existing and potential customers quickly and following specific triggers on your website

  • Customer Manager track customers remotely with reports, schedule calls, note prospects and priorities for leads, create reminders and auto-responders

  • Search Engine Optimisation apply practices and techniques to attract leads using search engines by modifying your website and building links to organically attract new customers to your retail website

  • Unlimited Custom Forms Easy to create and edit without technical knowledge to help collect information, downloading documents or inquiries from customers and wholesalers

  • Online Reputation Management to accurately build your business identity online and monitor online reviews

  • Advertising on Google or Marketing for Facebook and social media to attract leads and increase return customers

  • Our user-friendly Shopping Cart tool enable you to manage inventory, sell products online and send orders directly to suppliers with more than ten advanced payment gateways integrated with Australia Post, UPS and TNT shipping to save money and increase your company profits

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