Affiliate Tracking System

Create a referral program for your website that makes it easy for you, and your affiliates, to make money.

An affiliate or referrral program is a proven way of generating sales by paying for referrals sent to your site, only where the referral performs a desired action, which may be purchasing an item from your shopping cart, filling in a form or even just going to a certain page in your site. 

The Affiliate Software allows any users to signup to become an affiliate.  The signup process collects billing and postal addresses, personal contact details, and allows the user to specify a password.

Once the affiliate has signed up, they can login to an area within your website where they can view 4 main sections, including

  • Marketing banners and advertisments, along with the code the user needs to insert into their website
  • Referral Summary which details each referral made to the site where the specified goal was reached. No personal information is displayed to the affiliate, only the order number and the time at which the action took place.
  • Payments Received that shows each time a payment has been made to their nominated bank account.
  • Edit My which allows the affiliate to change any of their details.


As an Administrator, you have some additional functionality that helps you manage your affiliate program. You access this functionality through the content management system in  

In this area, you can view all your current affiliates. For each afiiliate that has signed up, you can set the amount of money you are prepared to pay to them. This can be done a number of ways, including:

  • Fixed Amount per goal/conversion
  • Percentage of a sale

Additionally, the backend software allows you to;

  • setmultiple goals within your website. For instance, if you had a member directory that had 3 member types, each of which has an increasing value, you can set a different fixed fee that you are prepared to pay them for a conversion for each member type.
  • If your website is using the Shopping Cart, you can specify that if a user comes from a particular affiliate, that the user is applied a discount to their shopping cart when they checkout. This is typically used  to encourage bigger websites to see the value of your affiliate program, as the affiliate can offer their users something that is not available normally.
  • The backend also allows you to view all the conversions that have occurred for each affiliate, and to set their outstanding balance (the money you owe them) back to $0 when you manually pay them their commissions.
  • You can upload all the promotional banners you want your affiliates to use, and the software will automatically create the code the affiliate needs to place the banner into their site.


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