Membership Manager

The membership manager is a sophisticated, yet user-friendly tool that allows you to manage your memberships through your website.

At a glance...

Multiple membership types
Automatically handles renewals
Creates invoices
Supports 13 payment gateways
Powerful statistics reporting on listings

To function correctly, this tool needs to operate in conjunction with the database marketing tool.

Membership Types

  • The system allows you to have many member types. Examples of member types may include normal members, sponsors or gold members
  • For each member type, you can specify the information that you want to store on them
  • You can also specify the period the membership goes for before they are required to renew their membership
  • You can specify the cost for the above period for a membership type

Membership Signups

  • Members can easily signup online by filling in the membership form for that member type
  • If needed, members can pay when they sign-up. We have a variety of offsite payment gateway options for you to consider.
  • If the member has paid, the system will email them a confirmation receipt and a tax invoice, which you will also receive a copy of
  • Because the members details are stored within the email database, you can immediately start sending them marketing materials, such as:
    • New client welcome letters
    • Event invitations and reminders
    • Update details form
    • Information on the 'Members Only' areas of your website (which you can create by password protecting parts of the website and giving members their own username and password)
    • General marketing materials, such as newsletters

Membership Renewals

Based on the membership period that you have chosen, renewals can be automatically managed through the system.

  • Members will automatically receive alerts to renew their memberships
  • Once they click on the renew member link, they can confirm their details and make payment

The membership manager allows you to manage all aspects of your membership program in one streamlined system. This reduces your internal administration time and costs and also makes the system simpler for members.

Members Directory Listing Display Options

The included directory software requires that we setup a template that describes what information you would like to display. The way information is displayed can be different for each member.

  • Listing Page - the listing page is a page that lists members, one after the other. You will need to decide on the information you want to display on this page.
  • Individual Member Description - if needed, you can have a link from each members listing in the above page. This page can have more detailed information for each member.
  • Additional templates are able to be requested and will require some extra setup. 

Specific Features

Features Standard Inclusions Options  
Multiple Member Types Yes Default pricing only includes the setup of one member type.  
Clients can signup online Yes    
Moderate users before they are accepted as members Yes    
Allow users to pay a setup fee, in addition to a monthly or yearly renewal fee Yes    
Supports 13 payment gateways for online payments Yes    
Supports automatic billing Yes Only with certain payment gateways  
Allows for offline payments if required. Yes    
Automatically sends renewal emails Yes    
Adds contacts into subscription groups for direct marketing and communication Yes    
Allows for membership types that are hidden to users on the website Yes    
Listing statistics including number of views, and number of hyperlink clicks Yes    
Members Search Feature Yes  Requires you to provide the search terms you want to use.  

Note: If any functionality you need is not listed here, it is not included as a feature in this product.  You will need to discuss this with your consultant



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