Real Estate Manager

This is the tool that will take your company streets ahead of your competitors - manage and promote your properties online, integrate with real estate portals and cut administration time.

At a glance...

Complete property marketing package
Professional listings for your website
Easy to upload properties
Links to and more
Easy search options for users
Print brochures with one click
Twitter integration and RSS feeds
Links with email marketing

The Real Estate module is a complete online software package for your company to market your range of properties for sale and rent. The front end of the software allows users to easily search and browse through properties, add them to a shortlist and then contact the appropriate agent in your organisation.

The administration end of the software is where this tool really shines. It's easy to create new listings for your website and with a few clicks you can share them with major real estate websites such as, and  It's simple to use, completely integrated with your website and has lots of functionality that will save you time and money.


What benefits will your company get from using the Real Estate Manager?

  • Stand out from your competition - most real estate agencies are not fully maximising the internet, so with your professional, functional website and online property showcase, you will definitely make an impression on potential buyers and sellers
  • Increase sales - taking your website to the next level with the Real Estate Manager and adding all your properties to third party websites will put your properties in front of more customers and increase your sales
  • Cut administration time - save yourself and your team valuable time by entering property information just once and copying it to multiple websites, creating offline marketing pieces with one click and using email marketing to communicate with potential customers

Specific Features

Simple Property Management

This software is very user-friendly so adding your properties is simple - just type in the information, upload photos and the listing is ready to go live.  You can upload unlimited photos for each property and assign an agent to each listing so enquiries go straight to them.  Other clever features include a quick dropdown to change the status of properties, archiving of past listings, exporting functionality and automatic watermarking of images for copyright.  With this sytem, the task of managing property listings online will go from a full-time job to a small part of someone's role - meaning you and your team can focus on the business of getting new clients and making sales.

Professional Listings

The real estate market is competitive, so you only have a few seconds for your properties to capture the attention of potential buyers.  Your property listings need to be easy to use and look great at the same time - and they will with the Real Estate Manager. Our team of graphic designers style your property gallery to complement your branding and ensure the layout is streamlined and professional.  There's search functionality so users can find what they are looking for, plus quick links to contact the agent, shortlist the property and send to a friend - all the features consumers expect from real estate websites.

Integration With Real Estate Websites

The most unique feature of this software is the integration with third party real estate websites - this functionality is simply not available in other systems without paying for custom development.  Once your listings are set up on your website, you can upload them to, and in a matter of seconds.  All you need to do is set up accounts with these websites (fees usually apply) and you are ready to go.  Imagine the time you will save by only needing to create each property listing once!

Marketing Features

As well as streamlining your business administration, this system will also help you improve the effectiveness of your marketing.  Agency window posters is one of the most popular ways to promote properties, and these can be automatically generated from your listing with the click of a button - no design necessary.  You can also take advantage of the social marketing revolution by sharing your new listings on Twitter, as well as automatically generating QR codes for offline marketing and creating autoresponder emails to effectively communicate with potential buyers.

Stock ManagementStandard InclusionsOptions 
Easily add sale and rental stockYes  
Uploads properties to, and Costs may apply to sign up with these websites. 
Feature propertiesYesAdditional costs apply to place featured items outside the content area. 
Password protect the visibility of propertiesOptionalYou will need the Database Marketing tool for this. 
Categorise properties for easy navigationYes  
Automatically watermark imagesYes  
Upload unlimited images for each propertyYesYour service plan sets your total hard drive usage. 
Archive old propertiesYes  
Auto-resize uploaded imagesYes  
Supports multiple usersYesYour agents only see/edit their own properties. 
Promote new listings with property RSS feedsYes  
Export properties into ExcelYes  
View impressions and clicks for each propertyYes  
'Send to a friend' featureYes  
Creates QR codes for offline marketingYes  
Email property alertsYes  
Add properties to TwitterYes  
SMS clients when new properties become availableOptionalYou will need the Database Marketing tool for this. 
Easy to Use   
Property location displayed on Google MapsYes  
Quick and advanced search optionsYes 
Shortlist propertiesYes  
Mortgage calculatorYes  
Enquiries go directly to each agentYes  
Easy to print buttonYes  

Note: If any functionality you need is not listed here, it is not included as a feature in this product.  You will need to discuss this with your consultant.


The Real Estate Manager is designed in such a way that we can change the layout and the look and feel to suit your business needs.  The sky is the limit, but there are additional costs to make these changes so speak to your consultant about your requirements.  The standard look and feel can be seen in the example below:

Categorise your propertiesExample listing view of properties for sale
The standard look for each propertyThe standard property listing view


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