The Knowledgebase tool will allow your company to share information and documents with customers and team members online - simple, secure and designed to save you time and money.

At a glance...

Provide information to customers
Can be used internally for staff
Share content and documents
Easy to manage yourself
Unlimited categories and articles
Password protection available

In any business there are a range of common questions that your clients will ask you and a huge amount of your time can be taken up addressing these - decreasing your productivity and impacting on your sales.  The best solution is to add a Knowledgebase to your website, which is a collection of pages where users can search for the information they need.

You can put anything in your Knowledgebase, from instructions, to frequently asked questions, to downloadble brochures and you have complete control over who you give access.  A Knowledgebase can even be used internally - put your policies, style guides, templates and important documents all in the one place where staff can easily view and download them.


What benefits can your company get from the Knowledgebase?

  • Reduce customer support - use the Knowledgebase to educate your customers and provide valuable information to minimise the level of support they require from you and your team
  • Streamline staff training - your staff can access internal information and documents through the Knowledgebase, which makes communication and training more effective and improves productivity
  • Save money -sharing information online reduces the need for phone calls, printing and posting so you can cut your expenses in these areas, plus reduce labour costs for support and training
  • Increase sales - a Knowledgebase gives you more time to focus on your core business so you can increase your sales, plus delivering a high level of support and value for clients will build your brand loyalty and create raving fans

Specific Features

Share Information and Documents

The Knowledgebase runs through your Content Management System so you only need the one login, and it's very simple to set up.  The first step is to create as many categories as you need (eg. a category for each product you sell or service you provide), and then add articles under each category.  Within each article, you can have text, images links and downloadable documents so the potential uses are unlimited for your business.  The Knowledgebase software comes with search functionality to help users find what they are looking for, and the layout is streamlined and professional to match in with your website.

Password Protection

The standard Knowledgebase is available publicly on your website for anyone to use, which is ideal for interacting with prospects and customers.  You also have the option of password protecting it so only chosen people can have access.  Password protection can be applied to the whole Knowledgebase or for individual categories - for example only staff can access the Training category, but the general public can view the Product Instructions category - meaning you can use this one tool for multiple audiences.  The password protection funtionality requires the Database Marketing software.


FeaturesStandard InclusionsOptions 
Completely web-based self help systemYes  
Categorise information by area, product etc.Yes  
Quick searchYes  
Password protect categoriesOptionalYou will need the Database Marketing tool. 
Add unlimited articles and categoriesYes  
Articles can belong to multiple categoriesYes  
Printer friendly versions only a click awayYes  
StatisticsYesThe number of views for each page. 

Note: If any functionality you need is not listed here, it is not included as a feature in this product.  You will need to discuss this with your consultant.

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