Animated Header

Make your website standout and look great with an Animated Header.

An Animated Header is a professional animation that is typically displayed on the top of your home page of your website.  Our animations include a series of up to five pictures (using your images, or some istock images), key phrases and some simple transitions between these images.   The Animated Header is also a tool you can drag and drop into a content page (noting the for mobile experience the words resize responsively depending on the device it is viewed on)

They are attention-grabbing, and like they say 'a picture can say a thousand words' to give people an great overview of what you do, for whom, and show off your strengths.  These animations are also great for improving your branding and making your site more memorable.

Specific Features

Animated HeaderStandard InclusionsOptions 
Includes up to 5 images with a simple transition between images.YesAdditional costs apply if you would like more images. 
Replace images in the header yourself.Yes  
Will work on all mobile devicesYes  


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