Photo Gallery Software

If a picture says a thousand words, then our photo gallery software will do the selling for you!

Photo galleries are a great way to display an entire product range without over-burdening the customer. Our sophisticated software allows web users to flick through a selection of images and quickly get the information they require.

Our photo gallery software is suitable for many kinds of businesses.  You may like to consider including a photo gallery if:

  • You have a large range of products,
  • Your product range is complicated and difficult to describe,
  • People are your product e.g. modelling agencies, networking groups etc, or
  • If the sales process could be enhanced by seeing examples of previous work e.g builders, architects, signage companies, furniture manufacturers designers or anyone with a portfolio of work.

Our Photo Gallery Software allows for easy uploading and display of any selected images on your website.  It also features:

  • Automatic & Manual Image Manipulation - The software can automatically resize your image if it is too large or you can get your image just right by manually cropping, rotating and/or resizing.
  • Organise your Images - The software allows you (or your client) to organise the images into multiple galleries, categories or pages.
  • Link your Galleries - Each of the galleries can be linked via the navigation menu, or through any links on any page.

Display Options

Your clients can choose between two display types:

  • Default - Displays the images in a pop-up window with a caption below the image and a surrounding graphic style that is created by our graphic designers.
  • Lightbox - This display method darkens the current page and displays a loading bar. Once the image is loaded, it is then displayed in a frame above the current page. It will also display the caption.

Our photo gallery is a great way to display your product range or samples of your previous work, and best of all, it is simple for you to manage and for users to navigate.  The gallery is an excellent branding tool and can generate sales and leads for your business.  

Specific Features

Photo GalleryStandard InclusionsOptions 
Allows for the uploading and viewing of large numbers of images on your website.Yes  
Automatically resizes images to the correct thumbnail and large size.Yes  
Categorise images into separate pages/galleries.Yes  
Choose between two eye-catching display types.Yes  
Upload flash and image ads.Yes  
Upload more than one image at a time.Yes  
Automatically watermark images with a logo or another image.Yes  
Modify the standard look of the gallery for your specific requirements.NoTalk to your consultant about the options and costs. 



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