Promo Boxes

Promo Boxes are an essential tool for getting prospects to take action on your website.  your company can use them to strategically drive traffic through the sales process, promote points of difference and run online promotions.

At a glance...

Sell from every page
Run multiple promotions
Promote key messagse
Easy to edit yourself
Schedule campaigns
Assign boxes to pages
Can be text or image based
4 included with website design

Most businesses use their website to communicate lots of information to different audiences, which is great but often means users can't find what they want easily.  Promo boxes will make your key messages stand out and attract attention to direct customers to relevant parts of your website and get them take action.

Promo Boxes are simply an internal advertisement running on your website, with images and text, usually linking to another part of the website.  Great uses include driving visitors to your shopping cart, featured product, contact us form, quote request form, competition or to a page with more information on a current promotion.


What are the benefits that your company will get with Promo Boxes?

  • Sell from page one - put your message in front of customers as soon as they land on your website so they can quickly get to where you want them to take action
  • More sales - by driving online visitors through the sales process you are minimising distractions for your prospects and increasing your chances of conversion
  • Improve offline marketing - Promo Boxes that match your offline marketing will help prospects find what they are looking for when they get to your website and increase the results of your marketing
  • Control your own promotions - Promo Boxes give you the ability to set up multiple promotions on your website, easily manage them yourself and track the results

About Promo Boxes

Design Options

When you purchase this tool, our team will create up to 4 boxes in your website design - these can be either content or image based (as shown below).  With content based boxes, you can update and change the images and text yourself very easily without waiting or paying for us to do it.   Image based boxes look professional and are very attention-grabbing, and the design of up to 4 are included with you initial website build.

Scheduling and Placement

The Promo Boxes editor gives you many options for controlling your promotional campaigns.  The scheduling functionality allows you to set campaigns to start and end automatically so you can set and forget them.  You can also have multiple campaigns running in the same spot (eg. one for a competition and one for a 'buy one get one free' special in the top right box) and you can set these to appear randomly on your pages or set which campaigns appear on each page - meaning you can use the boxes in lots of different ways.


Specific Features

FeaturesStandard InclusionsOptions 
Create unlimited promotionsYes  
Setup fee includes the design of up to 4 boxesYes  
Control which promotions you want to display for each pageYes  
Advanced tools to let you edit the source codeYes  
Easy to add boxes to pages, articles, shop categories, events, blogs etc.Yes  
Set the promotion to appear during a set of datesYes  
Set a promo box to display promotions randomlyYes  

Note: If any functionality you need is not listed here, it is not included as a feature in this product.  You will need to discuss this with your consultant



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