Testimonials Manager

Tell the world how good your business is and get more customers by using testimonials from real clients on your website.

The testimonial manager is a plug-in for a website that allows you to easily add, edit and remove testimonials from the site. These testimonials are then randomly displayed on each page of the site in the overall design. A page will also be added to the site that will list each formatted testimonial.

Our testimonial manager makes organising and displaying your testimonials fast and simple - once you have collected the testimonial from your client, all you need to do is add it to the system and it will be displayed on your website.  Testimonials are a great way to promote your business to your prospects and strengthen your brand image. 

Specific Features

Testimonial ManagerStandard InclusionsOptions 
Create unlimited testimonials.Yes  
Random testimonials displayed within a spot on the website designYes  
Sort testimonials for when viewed on the listing page.Yes  
Allows images to be uploaded with each testimonial.Yes  


To check out an example of the Testimonial Software in action, click here and have a look at the testimonials as they change in the top right corner of the screen each time the page is refreshed. Example: http://www.thewebplayground.com.au/

Note: This product does include a box built into the website design.

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