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Engage with your customers and be the expert by sharing useful advice and information in a blog on your website.

Blogging has fast become the 'rage' of the modern era. Blogs often provide commentary or news on a particular subject such as politics, local news and food, while some function more as personal online diaries. The benefits to business are varied:


  1. Position yourself as the leader
    Use your blog to position yourself as the leader for your particular product/service. To make this work, you will need to write consistently, write well and have an opinion.
  2. Develop your ecommerce business
    According to online market research firm ComScore Networks, blog readers are 30% more likely to buy product or services online.
  3. Build a community
    You can use your blog to build a customer community. You can post the latest news about products and customers can voice their opinions and have input in to your product/service development.
  4. Build customer relationships
    Build confidence in prospects and customers by sharing information in a transparent, open and honest way. Ask their opinions and make it easy for customers to put forward their comments and suggestions.
  5. Link your brand to your values
    Use your blog to educate consumers about your values.  For example, Stoneyfell Farm, a producer of organic yoghurt, has a blog to promote healthy kids and a healthy environment. This blog was launched in April 2004 and attracted national attention. This blog was so successful that the writer was profiled in the Wall Street Journal and was asked to speak all over the country.
  6. Develop Viral Marketing
    Use your blog as an interactive part of a viral marketing campaign.  For example, Rent A Car wanted to do something viral to make their image a little 'cooler'. They set up a blog based treasure hunt across 16 cities in the US with cash prizes. The campaign was totally blog based. No media ads, no PR, no other publicity. The site received over 1 million unique visitors in just 4 weeks.

Product Features

Our blogging software is a user-generated section of your website where entries are made in a journal style and displayed in reverse chronological order.

The blogging software allows viewers of the blog to post comments relating to that particular blog via Facebook. Plus, the blog also produces an up-to-date RSS feed and allows you to send tweets to your Twitter account.

Blogs are a simple and effective way to give your brand a personality and get feedback from your customers. Our software makes blogging quick and easy.

Specific Features

Blog ManagerStandard InclusionsOptions 
Create an unlimited number of blog posts.Yes  
Tag posts into customisable categories.Yes  
SEO friendly blog urls.Yes  
Blog feed included in the homepage designYesStandard look and feel, two post headings along with a link to read more. 
Allows for Facebook commenting.Yes  
Moderate comments on each blog post.YesSettings done via Facebook. 
Social Media Integration   
Tweet blog posts automatically.Yes  
RSS feed of all blog posts.YesVisitors can subscribe to your RSS feed. 
Additional Extras   
Change the look and feel of a blog.NoTalk to your consultant about a price for this option. 
Display a list of all tags in your blog in your website template.NoTalk to your consultant about a price for this option. 
Blog Search.NoTalk to your consultant about a price for this option. 



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