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Does your company need a simple way to collect information from customers?  With the Form Builder, you can create any type of online form for your website in minutes without writing a single line of code.

At a glance...

Easy to edit yourself
No coding or technical stuff
Add unlimited forms to your website
So many ways to use forms
Responses emailed straight to you
Route responses around your team
Send auto-responder emails
Integrates with Database Marketing
Continuous free software updates

Online forms are the easiest way to collect information from any stakeholders in your business - from customers to staff to wholesalers.  But building them yourself is beyond most business owners and hiring someone to do it for you can be time-consuming and very expensive.  The solution is the Form Builder tool.

This functionality is added to your 3G Website and in a matter of minutes you can have multiple forms running on your website, collating valuable information for your business.  Some uses include contact forms, quote request forms, signup forms, invitations and much more - there are endless ways your company can use this handy tool.  The Form Builder collects all the results then emails them to you, and it can also store the information in your database so you can use it for future marketing.


What are the benefits that your company will get with the Form Builder?

  • Valuable insights - knowledge is power and if you can collect information from your customers quickly and easily, you can use it to better meet their needs and create raving fans
  • More sales - targeted, simple online forms (such as order forms or quote requests) can help you drive enquiries through your website and increase your sales
  • Save money - by creating your forms in-house you will save heaps on outsourcing, not to mention the money you will save by collecting information online rather than printing and posting forms
  • Save time - forms will help you streamline your business and get key processes online so you can save money on labour and administration costs

Specific Features

User-Friendly Form Building

Building your form is very simple and doesn't require any technical skills - you simply create each element of the form in our step by step wizard. Choose whether the element is static (eg. heading or text) or if it is a field for the user to fill in (eg. text box, dropdown or radio buttons) and simply type in the label/description for each field.  You can control which fields are required, insert word verification to block spammers and edit the sort order of elements with drag and drop tool.  Plus, the Form Builder is so clever that you can set it to only display certain elements based on previous selections (eg. if a user selects that they have a pet, another section appears where they choose what type of pet).

In-Built Marketing Functionality

The Form Builder also has built in features to assist with your marketing activities and relationship building.  It can integrate with the Database Marketing tool so respondent's information is automatically stored in the database for future marketing activities.  You can also add an auto-responder email to the form so when someone submits the form, they get an automatic email from you  - which you can use to drive traffic back to your website, generate sales, provide instructions or give them something of value.  Plus, the forms look professional and match the styling of your website to ensure brand consistency.

Sophisticated Routing Options

Online forms can be a great lead generation tool, so we've built special sales functionality into the Form Builder to make this simple for you to manage.  A single form can be set to send responses to just one email address, to each of your offices or branches based on the location the respondent selects or to members of your sales team in a round-robin style.  This means you can ensure your forms go directly to the right person in your team, so they can respond quickly - making your business look professional and helping you get results from your forms.

FeaturesStandard InclusionsOptions 
Create unlimited formsYes  
Adds details to your databaseOptionalYou will need the Database Marketing tool to enable this feature. 
Auto-responder emails to respondentsYes  
Attach the data as a CSV file to the emailYes  
Automatically add the form to a pageYes  
Add helpful comments to fieldsYes  
Re-direct to a page or show confirmation message on completionYes  
Force required fieldsYes  
Stores every email in the databaseYes  
Can add word verification to stop spammersYes  
Routing Rules   
Directly to a team member's emailYes  
To an office, based on a selectionYes  
To individual sales team members in a round robin styleYes  


Note: If any functionality you need is not listed here, it is not included as a feature in this product.  You will need to discuss this with your consultant.

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