Advertising Manager

Turn your website into a money maker by selling advertising space to your affiliates, friends and customers.

Our Advertising Manager plug-in allows you to place advertisements within your site. This product allows you to sell advertising space on your website to other companies, therefore generating revenue for your business.  As well as making money, the advertising manager software will increase visitor's interaction with your site and can help to identify areas of interest within a target market.

When an advertisement is added into the Advertising Manager system, you can choose for it to either display on a specific page or to appear randomly throughout your site, in which case the system will nominate where the advertisement is placed.

Additionally, campaign start and end dates can be pre-set, allowing you to quickly and easily coordinate your advertising schedule. And, if you use database marketing, you can also nominate where ads appear in particular articles.

The Advertising Manager also has a reporting function that gives you detailed feedback about the ads on your site.  The reporting system tracks:

  • The number of times the ad has been viewed
  • The number of times the ad has been clicked on

The Advertising Manager is a great product for any site, because it is a useful customer profiling tool and is a simple way to get your site making extra money for you.

Specific Features

Advertising ManagerStandard InclusionsOptions
Create and unlimited number advertisementsYes
Up to 4 advertisement spots included in the standard pricingYesAsk your consultant for a price if you would like more spots.
Control which ads you want to display on each page, or have them appear on your site at random.Yes
Control the length by which an advertisement appears by time, number of clicks or number of impressions.Yes
Upload image ads.Yes
Track ad clicks and impressions for each ad.Yes

Note - this price includes 4 ad spots built into the design but you can use less if required.

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