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Save more time and increase your site traffic by using website search to make it easy for your customers to find what they want on your site.



Your customers come to your website to get information on your business and products, and they will leave if they can't find what they want.  Make it simple for them to find information by providing a website search function so they can type in what they want and get a list of results.

Our Website Search is a tool that all businesses should use on their website as it will make their site more informative and help them to get more customers.  Search results are displayed similar to Google results and are based on keywords on your pages.  Use this tool to keep people on your site longer and to provide easy access to information.  (Custom design options are avaliable, if you would like a card like display of your results - that includes an image)

Choose what is searched 

Running on your website you may have a range of tools, you can select what products you would like in the results.  Eg Articles, Blog Posts, Content pages, Shop Categories, Shop Products, Catalog Categories, Catalog items, Galleries, Events, Knowledgebase Categories, Knowledgebase Answers.  (Please note if you are just wanting to search your Catalog or Shop - then the shop search would be more effective product to use)

What your business can do with Website Search:

  • Get more customers - your will make more sales if you make it easy for customers to find the information they need before they buy.
  • Save  time - your website will be far easier to navigate for you and your clients with this tool.
  • Keep users on your site longer - the search function will encourage users to browse your site for longer. 




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