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Consumers spend billions shopping on the internet and your company can get its share of these profits by selling products online with our user-friendly Shopping Cart.

At a glance...

Sophisticated, functional system
Access through website - one login
User friendly professional front end
Multiple payment gateway options
Integrated with Australia and Canada Post
Integrated with TNT and UPS
Manage global tax and shipping
Inventory management
Upselling and featured products
Continuous free software updates

The internet has changed the way people shop – they buy online whenever possible because it is convenient and simple. You should be taking advantage of this by selling your products through your website, even if you are a bricks and mortar business.

Our Shopping Cart is a user-friendly system that allows your website visitors to view the products you are selling, add them to their shopping cart, then pay securely on your site. Also, it offers you a complete solution for running your online sales, with inventory control, payment management and invoicing. 


What are the benefits that your company will get with the Shopping Cart?

  • More sales - giving your customers another simple and secure way to buy from you will increase your sales, especially from existing customers that already know your business and love the convenience of online shopping
  • Increased profits - one of the quickest ways to boost your profit is increasing the average dollar sale, and the Shopping Cart's upsell functionality makes it easy for customers to spend more each time they shop on your website
  • New business opportunities - an online shop gives millions more people from around the world access to your business, which presents exciting new markets to target and opportunities for growth
  • Save money - imagine the costs of your sales team working 24 hours a day or your shop being open all day and night!  The shopping cart allows you to sell your products 24x7 and save on business costs
  • Simple to manage - online shops can be complex but our shopping cart is streamlined and user-friendly so you can actually minimise your administration by managing everything from inventory to invoicing in one central system

About the Shopping Cart

Latest Technology

This Shopping Cart is the complete package for any business that wants to sell online.  It is fully integrated with your Third Generation website (so you only need one password to access everything), plus it uses the latest technology and is built to international coding standards.  We are constantly adding more features and functionality to the shopping cart and you will get all these upgrades for free.  But this doesn't mean it's hard to use - the shopping cart is designed for business people not computer whizzes, so it's easy to navigate, user-friendly and there are plenty of online help resources.

User Friendly Front End

Internet users expect high standards from the websites they visit and buy from, so it's important that the front of your Shopping Cart matches what they are used to online and looks professional.  Our designs follow usability standards to ensure the layout and navigation appeals to shoppers and makes it easy for them to get through the sales process - so they get to the checkout in just a few clicks and nothing distracts them from buying your products.  We have standard layout options available or the front-end can be customised to suit your needs.

Pricing and Payments

The functionality of the Shopping Cart really is huge - there are so many great features that will help you streamline your sales process and save lots of time.  You can easily control currency and tax settings in the system, enabling your business to sell to other countries and tap into profitable new markets.  The Shopping Cart also integrates with mulitple payment gateways so shoppers can use their credit cards online, but offline payment options are also available.  So no matter what your business is selling or where to, our Shopping Cart will make it simple for you to manage.

Shipping Options

Managing shipping can be complex for businesses but we've simplified this for you by integrating our shopping cart with Australia and Canada Post and large courier companies UPS and TNT.  So when a customer is at the checkout of your online shop, our system sends the order information to the shipping company and they send back an accurate shipping cost - and this all happens in a matter of seconds!  There are also more advanced options for managing your shipping, such as flat price or weight-based charges, plus international shipping can easily be set up as well.

Clever Features

As well as all the essentials for selling online, the Shopping Cart also has some great marketing functionality.  You can upsell products simply by choosing which products complement each other and they will automatically display in a 'You might also like' section under each product.  A great way to drive traffic directly to your Shopping Cart from other pages of your website is a featured product box - this can be built into your website design for maximum impact. 

SEO Ready

To drive traffic straight to your Shopping Cart, you may want to optimise individual category pages or products.  The Shopping Cart makes this easy by allowing you to control the text on the category and product pages, and edit important SEO fields for individual products.  You can add keyword-rich descriptions to your categories and products, as well as the titles and meta descriptions of your product pages, to ensure they get picked up by the search engines.

Specific Features

Inventory ManagementStandard InclusionsOptions 
Import your productsYes  
Sell digital and physical goodsYes  
Custom variant optionsYesSuch as product color or size 
Ability to offer product add-onsYesSuch as an additional item, or a bundled product 
Unlimited whole seller pricelistsYes  
Password protect product categoriesYes  
Different pricelists for different countriesYes  
Unlimited images for each productYes  
Organise products by unlimited brands and categoriesYes  
Export products into ExcelYes  
Stock controlYes  
Auto-image resize when you uploadYes  
Control product titles, and meta descriptionsYes  
Collect custom information for each productYes  
Product ratings and reviews from customersYes  
Feature productsYesAdditional costs apply to place featured items outside the content area - cannot appear in a Promo Box 
Online Experience   
Volume discountsYes  
Gift wrapping optionsYes  
Discount codesYes  
Recommend similar productsYes  
Allows for currency conversionsYes  
Supports 5 payment gatewaysYesClick here for a full list - some payment gateways require an SSL certificate, and all have their own fees and charges 
Allows for offline paymentYes  
Pay referrers a fee for any purchases they OptionalPurchase the Affiliates Software tool for this feature 
Creates client invoicesYes  
Shipping Methods   
Price on applicationYes  
Flat price per orderYes  
Price based on weightYes  
Price based on cart costYes  
Australia and Canada Post integration for real-time pricingYes  
TNT integration for real-time pricingYes  
UPS integration for real-time pricingYesContact UPS to setup an account with them before integration can occur 
Allows for handling costsYes  
Shipping Calculator on checkoutYes  
Limit shipping methods based on user locationYes  
Order Management   
Adds contacts to the database marketing toolOptionalPurchase the Database Marketing tool for this feature 
Auto-client emailsYes  
Allow the client to see the tracking numberYes  
Manage workflow for new ordersYes  
Send orders directly to suppliersYes  
Maintain the payment statusYes  
Export ordersYes  
Print delivery docketsYes  
Data Entry IncludedYesWe will add up to 50 products for you if they are supplied in a csv file. 


Note: If any functionality you need is not listed here, it is not included as a feature in this product.  You will need to discuss this with your consultant


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