Even if your company doesn't sell online, you still need to showcase your products to your customers and provide detailed information.  The Product Catalogue is a professional, user friendly tool to achieve this.

At a glance...

Easy to edit yourself
Integrates with your website
Choose from standard layouts
Option to design custom layout
Bulk upload of products
Search engine friendly
Mulitple business applications

83% of consumers research products and services online before they buy*  and their first stop will be your website.  So it must give them the information they need to take the next step - either come in to your physical store or make an enquiry.  A Product Catalogue is a highly effective way to display this information as it's easy for customers to use and just as easy for you to manage.

With the bulk uploading functionality, you will have your Catalogue set up in no time and then it's really simple to edit your descriptions, key features and images, as well as SEO fields like page titles and meta descriptions.  The layout of your Catalogue will look great as well, whether it's the standard layout (matched to your branding) or your own custom layout.


What benefits will your company get from using the Product Catalogue?

  • More sales - by providing the information your customers are seeking, you will increase the number of enquiries from your website and drive more customers to your physical store, generating more sales for your business
  • Increased profits - a Product Catalogue enables you to showcase your full range of products, making new and even existing customers aware of everything you offer which increases your average dollar sale and profits
  • Save time - manually setting up pages on your website for every product would be very time-consuming, not to mention the hassle of making them look consistent and professional - but this is all done for you with the Product Catalogue

About the Product Catalogue

Simple Setup

The Product Catalogue plugs in to your 3G website so you only need one login and the system is easy to learn and use.  You can bulk upload all your products from a spreadsheet and there are lots of options for adding information to each product, with fields for description, key features, categories, multiple images, page title and meta description.  You can even create custom enquiry forms linked to each product and add links to other websites or downloadable files.  The Product Catalogue will make your website a one-stop-shop for information on your product range and is so simple for you to manage.

Design Options

We know you don't have time to manually add all your products to your website and experiment with layout and design.  So we make it easy for you - you enter everything into the back end of the Catalogue, and we make sure it looks nice on the front end.  You can choose from our standard layout styled to match your colours, or we can create a completely custom design for you (additional charges apply).  This gives you complete control over your Catalogue and ensures it is a professional showcase of your business.



Specific Features

FeaturesStandard InclusionsOptions 
Products are organised into categoriesYes  
Each category has its own pageYes  
Automatic QR code creation for offline marketingYes  
Add unlimited productsYesLimitation is based on your hosting plan for hard-drive space 
Add custom fieldsOptionalYou can pay to get additional fields added to your catalogue 
Import products from a csv fileYes  
Password protect categoriesOptionalYou will need to purchase the Database Marketing to enable this feature 
Choose from standard stylesYes  
Control the meta description and page titlesYes  
Add products to multiple categoriesYes  
Upload unlimited images for each productYes  
Links directly to a form for clients to contact youOptionalYou can purchase the Form Builder to enable this functionality 
Data Entry IncludedYesWe will upload up to 50 products if supplied as a csv file 

Note: If any functionality you need is not listed here, it is not included as a feature in this product.  You will need to discuss this with your consultant

* Source - Digital Futures Report, 2008

Standard Catalogue Look

The standard layout of the products in the Product Catalogue looks like the following example:


Standard look and feel of the listing of productsStandard look and feel of the product page

Custom Catalogue Layout Example

The Catalogue is designed in such a way that we can change the layout and the look and feel of your products. The sky is the limit when it comes to this, however additional costs apply to make these changes, so speak to your consultant if you have any additional requirements.

Custom listing with different fieldsCustom product page with different fields


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