The Client:

Ultimate Planning Solutions is a boutique Gold Coast town planning company that provide a comprehensive service for a full range of development projects. With over two decades of specialist town planning experience, they are known for their reasonable and dependable approach which allows them to deliver successful outcomes from concept through to completion.

The Challenge:

Ultimate Planning Solutions started as a one-man business in 2017 and now has a leadership body and a team of employees. The challenge for the team was how to increase leads and present their professionalism and expertise in a manner that showed large company ability but with a small business personal approach and flexibility.

Their current site was a well thought out site with a optimised menu, however restricted to minimal and repeated text, which wasn't helping their SEO score.

Ultimate Planning Solutions wanted their site to be more reflective of the quality of work that they provide, their years of experience, along with an automated solution for initial enquiries.

The Solution:

The first step that Bolt Marketing took with Ultimate Planning Solutions was a Strategic Marketing Planning Session. This session was run over two 2hr meetings and explored the businesses competitors, audience, key products and services and goals for the future. This then led to the creation of an action plan, outlining tasks and responsibilities for all parties involved.

From these sessions it became apparent that Ultimate Planning Solutions’ website could do with a makeover - to align further with their goals and growth of the business. Having identified the need to improve the client journey, our next focus was on enhancing content and usability. We reimagined the website for visitors through a more interactive experience optimised for mobile devices with focused calls-to-action that help engage leads and drive conversions.

Ultimate Planning Solutions knows that trust and credibility is key. That's why they've added videography and a downloadable capabilities brochure to their website, creating an engaging experience for audiences while maximising the time spent onsite.

The Result:

Bolt Marketing redesign of the website consisted of adding more images from actual work that Ultimate Planning Solutions had worked on, easy to navigate call to actions for the different levels of consultations available to clients, as well as a personal touch with an About Us video and to development of a capabilities statement to build trust and credibility.

By increasing the amount of unique content on each page of their website, their website can provide clients comprehensive answers to their questions, along with improving Ultimate Planning Solutions organic search and SEO.

Our end-result is a stunning website that represents the brand to perfection, featuring intuitive navigation and engaging content. This design emphasises trustworthiness with visitors while packing an unmistakable personalised touch.

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