CASE STUDY - Successful Launch of New Racing Team
The Client:

MARC Cars Australia is a thriving manufacturer of racing cars in Australia with a continuously growing customer base, giving opportunities for drivers and lovers of race cars to either drive or own their own car both nationally and internationally.

The Challenge:

As a brand-new racing team, 111 Racing needed to establish brand visibility and racing reputation to be able to attract sponsors to help with revenue-raising for the team. To establish a new social media footprint, separate from Axle’s Earthmoving Instagram yet encouraging followers to follow both businesses. Update existing sponsorship proposal to attract new sponsors for the 2022 season.

The Solution:

To build a website showcasing 111 Racing and driver Axle, in a way that would also attract fans and sponsors. Produce a sponsorship proposal with tiered packages that would excite as well as provide value to businesses coming on board as sponsors. Setup and promote 111 Racing on social media to increase following and engagement.   

The Result:

111 Racing has a visually appealing, responsive, and mobile-friendly website, that invites and promotes sponsors. Provides a platform to tell the 111 Racing story and allows fans and sponsors to find out the details of up-and-coming races, results, and news in an easily understood menu structure.

An updated sponsorship proposal was completed with 3 levels of investment opportunities for sponsors for the 2022 season.

Facebook and Instagram pages were set up and connected and a campaign was run to entice followers from Axle’s Earthmoving to jump over and follow 111 Racing.



Axle Donaldson
Team Owner & Driver

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