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Written on the 20 September 2017 by BOLT Marketing

There are many digital marketing strategies available to help trade business stand out online and generate more leads. Below are some tips to help increase traffic to your website and encourage people to take action:

Is your website designed in a way to maximise enquiries?

It is imperative that visitors can easily contact you directly from your website, whether browsing on a desktop computer or mobile phone. Having a custom branded enquiry form that looks professional and only asks relevant questions, can increase your enquiry rate significantly.

As at August 2017, there were more mobile Internet users than desktop Internet users. Adding a click-to-call feature on your mobile site is a necessity due to the growing number of people browsing websites from their mobile - especially those looking for trade related services.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

There are over 60,000 Google searches each second (i). Increase your leads and drive sales directly to your business' website when people search for your services within the local area. Not only can you generate instant traffic with PPC advertising, you can also use it to follow people around with banner ads after they have been to your website. This is called re-marketing and it has become an extremely successful advertising strategy for many businesses, especially when the time frame for making a purchasing decision can take a while.

Can Google read information on your site?

Studies suggest that more than 90% of consumers say they use general Internet searches, retailer websites or social platforms when researching new brands brands and products (ii). Ensure that your services, location, keywords, contact details, qualifications and business name can be easily read by search engine software. Contact us today to see if your website complies with the latest Google requirements. 

Points of Difference

There are over 330 million registered domain names and this number continues to grow significantly (iii). To help your company stand out from competitors online, ensure that your points of difference are clearly highlighted to website visitors. Highlight factors such as staff qualifications, relevant awards, industry associations, project galleries, case studies etc. to convince the potential customer that they should enquire.

Do you know where your traffic is coming from?

There are many free resources available to set up regular detailed reporting and graphs.

We suggest analysing factors such as:

  • Visitor demographics/location;
  • Traffic sources (search engines, social media etc.);
  • Website content (what pages are they spending time on?) and most importantly -
  • Where are your leads/sales coming from?

Online Reputation Management

Before sending an enquiry or making a purchase, many potential customers will research your online reputation to compare against other companies. With the prominence of online reviews and social media these days, anyone is able to write a public comment about your company to a global audience. Ensure that you are promoting positive reviews on an on-going basis to help generate free word of mouth advertising; but more importantly - make sure you have systems and processes in place to immediately respond to negative reviews, as failure to do so can be extremely damaging towards converting potential customers in the future.

For more information on what services can help your business maintain a positive reputation online, refer to our Online Reputation Management services page.

Click here to view our Trade website examples.


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